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Lymphoedema is a very common problem - causing swelling of legs, arms and sometimes the body. It is a condition which may affect anyone, at any time. However, it occurs more often in females. It is frequently distressing, can be debilitating, and is often uncomfortable and painful.

Whether you have been newly diagnosed, suspect that you might have developed Lymphoedema or have been affected by Lymphoedema for many years we are here to help you.

Our clinic has been established since 2003 and we offer a wide range of treatments, which are aimed to reduce, control and prevent the complications of Lymphoedema. We will also provide you with advice and guidance on how to manage your condition yourself.

During your first visit we will listen to your history and perform an examination to determine which approach would be the best for you. We will discuss all the options and decide which would suit and benefit you most. You don’t need to make a decision on the spot, we encourage patients to ask as many questions as they wish or take time to have a think which method of treatment they would be most comfortable with.

We specialise in the treatment of patients with Primary Lymphoedema – the type people can be born with and Secondary Lymphoedema – the type that arises from a poorly functioning lymphatic system due to surgery or other damage. Our special interests are care for post-operative and post-trauma patients, patients after aesthetic surgery and patients with inborn errors of the lymphatics.

Our Lymphoedema Specialist is Agi Sykes, who was inspired to train in Lymphoedema management following her early work with cancer patients as an Osteopath. Agi is Leduc trained and registered with MLDuk.

The types of treatment we offer are:
Treatments are designed to meet individual patients’ needs, and can be altered and adapted at any time according to your progress and wishes.

MLD – Medical Lymphatic Drainage
(sometimes referred to as Manual Lymphatic Drainage)
This is a specialist gentle ‘hands-on’ therapy designed to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system. This is different from lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage as used in beauty therapy.

This involves skilled application of thin strips of specialist elastic tape over and nearby the area of swelling. The strips of tape follow the course of the lymphatic vessels and aid the return of the excess fluid back to circulation. Kinesio-taping is used to supplement MLD in the treatment of mild and moderate Lymphoedema.

MLLB - Multilayer Bandaging
This involves the application of specialist lymphoedema bandages (short stretch or Coban) and is used in conjunction with MLD in the management of pronounced Lymphoedema.

SLD - Simple Lymphatic Drainage
We provide advice and tuition on this self-help treatment

Compression wear garments
Thanks to the newest developments in technology and the rising recognition of Lymphoedema as a health problem there is an array of contemporary compression products on the market. We provide advice on which item would be most suitable for you (if any) and can supply compression wear garments if needed.

Staying mobile and active are chief elements in Lymphoedema management. We provide advice and tuition on tailor-made rehabilitation exercises and general exercises.

Do’s and don’ts, skin care, diet, general wellbeing and life style
We offer guidance on what to avoid, how to look after your skin and advise on general wellbeing and life style.

Our services are dedicated to the memory of Kelly Torczynowycz, who lost her battle with breast cancer on 25 November 2011, age 33

  MLD - Medical Lymphatic Drainage

Kinesio Taping

  MLLB - Multilayer Bandaging

  SLD - Simple Lymphatic Drainage


  General wellbeing

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Welcome to Agi Sykes Lymphoedema Clinic
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